Rent apartments in Bucharest when traveling with family

March 26, 2015


rent apartments in Bucharest

Rent apartments in Bucharest when traveling with family

When traveling with family you want more than ever to enjoy a relaxing, wonderful staying, in a spacious apartment or studio apartment that offers you the comfort and the relaxation you only find in your own home. Maybe you wonder why short time accommodation is so suitable for your family trips? SPACE is the answer! Short time accommodation in studio apartments and apartments is the most comfortable type of accommodation, being spacious, intimate and relaxing. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose short time accommodation when traveling with your family:

  1. You have space to spend time together!

    Short time apartments and studio apartments offered by have a common space dedicated to those who want to spend time together enjoying a delicious coffee or watching a TV show.

  2. There is an entire kitchen only for you and for your loved ones!

    Nothing compares with a family dinner in the privacy of your home or, in this case, in the privacy of your short term stay home. You will not sense the difference! The kitchens are modernly equipped and accessorized so you can cook whatever you want, whenever you want. In this way you will save a great amount of money, taking into account that a restaurant meal for the entire family can be very expensive.

  3. Lower prices!

    Choosing short time accommodation you will save a great amount of money as you will pay for apartment/studio apartment, not for person.

  4. You don’t have a fixed schedule!

    Unlike hotel or hostel accommodation, which imposes strict rules regarding, for example, serving the breakfast, when choosing short time accommodation you can make your own program as you like.

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