5 Tips to have a safety travel anywhere in the world

November 24, 2015


Nowadays, safety is the word you can read on everyone’s lips. In the shadow of what happened during the last weeks, the entire world seems so fragile and uncertain that travelling has become the biggest adventure.

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Therefore, we will give some 5 tips for a safe travel all anywhere in the world:

  1. Learn about the place you are going to visit – this is the first logical step you should do when choosing the destination for your next journey. No matter the purpose of your journey, it is important to do your research about the new place, about its rules, restrictions, laws and about risks. Discover the safe areas of the city you travel and the less safe areas in order to avoid them. Even though a map may seem very useful, try not to look like a helpless tourist as you may be an easy victim.
  2. Pay the attention to the way you transport your goods – although it seems convenient to keep anything at hand, you should not keep money together with credit cards, passport, Identity Card, tickets and other important document. More than that, do not tale all your money with you, try to put them safe in a closed box and let it in your room. In addition to this, make some copies of your documents.
  3. Socialize and make some new friends – it is important to make new friends among locals and try to integrate as much as possible in the new culture. But pay attention to the people you are talking to. More than that, keep in touch with your friends at home and with your relatives and let them know your travel routes.
  4. Choose a safe accommodation – even if you choose short term accommodation or a hotel room, choose central accommodation that offers you a safe staying; security, video surveillance, supervised parking. If a stranger knocks at your door, don’t open the door until you know who it is.
  5. Opt for a travel insurance – no matter the purpose of your trip, a travel insurance offers you comfort and many benefits: it covers accidents, medical emergencies, surgeries, lost luggage.

What precautions do you take before leaving on a trip?

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