7 Reasons to choose short time accommodation

February 26, 2015

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short time accommodation

short time accommodationNot surprisingly, short time accommodation is considered the most modern type of accommodation as long as short stay apartments and studio apartments offer a lot of benefits for those who travel, including comfort and low prices.

This year, ROcacazare.RO celebrates 10 years on the short time accommodation market industry. Here we are going to present you 7 reasons you should choose short time accommodation if you travel in Bucharest, and why to choose our services.

7 reasons why:
  1. Short time accommodation is simply a home away from home. In comparison to a boring hotel or hostel room, a short stay apartment or studio apartment is more personal and comfortable.
  2. Your intimacy is respected. Forget about the hotel’s staff visits at inappropriate hours and enjoy your time.
  3. You have more space. In a hotel/hostel room, the space is restricted. But a short stay apartment/studio apartment means more space and, of course, more comfort for you and for the persons you travel with.
  4. You can stay in the same short stay apartment/studio apartment with your family, if you are in a family trip, or with your colleagues if you are on a business trip. This means a lower cost.
  5. Short stay apartments/studio apartments offered by ROcazare.RO in Bucharest are placed in central areas. Taking this into account, you can choose an apartment or studio apartment in the area you want.
  6. You enjoy your own kitchen, which is not possible if you choose a hotel/hostel room.
  7. You can enjoy modern facilities: internet, TV, work space, relaxation area, hotel amenities.

Have you ever tried short time accommodation? Share your experience with us! You can visit us on social media for more information and photos of our locations.

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