5 Unexpected situations that can ruin your journey and how to solve them

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You are ready for your journey: you have already packed, you have the documents and the money and you have already decided the type of accommodation you want. However, everything that’s meant to be a perfect trip can ruin in only one second if you encounter one of the situations described below.

You lose your document (ID card, passport):

Surely this is the worst nightmare of a tourist that had already reached his destination. The loss of documents is not only one of the most unpleasant situations that can occur to you in your trip, but is also very common. It is absolutely normal to panic when you realize that you have lost your documents, but try to stay calm and take the right measures. What to do in this situation:

  • Try to remember where you have last used your document.
  • Contact the Embassy or the Romanian Consulate. Their representatives will tell you what to do to release new acts.
You lose your luggage

Luggage loss at the airport, hotel or elsewhere is not a rare situation, on the contrary. But, in the most cases, those who lose their luggage, will find it sooner or later. If you lose your luggage address to the Lost and Found Department, report the loss and ask for help. You can address to this department if your luggage is damaged or things are missing.

In order to avoid such situations, try to pack lightly only a hand bag, and opt for the cargo luggage only if necessary.

You lose your money

Your journey can be ruined if you lose your money or someone steals your money. In order to avoid this situation try not to take all your money with you, keep a small amount of money in a safe place and use as long as you credit cards.

You lose the plane

Whether you don’t wake up on time, you leave home late and you have to face a hellish traffic or you don’t have the right documents, losing the flight can be a big problem, especially if it is you fault. What to do:

  • Go to the ticketing department and ask for help.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, try to organize your time in order to catch the flight on time.

The chosen type of accommodation doesn’t meet your expectations

Many tourists say that they have high expectations from the chosen type of accommodation, until they reach their destination and they are very disappointed. Short time accommodation has become one of the most important type of accommodation, as long as it offers you the space, the comfort and the intimacy you only find in your own home.

Now tell us, what are the most unpleasant situations that you have encountered in you journeys? We are very curious to find out about your experiences!

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5 Tips to have a safety travel anywhere in the world


Nowadays, safety is the word you can read on everyone’s lips. In the shadow of what happened during the last weeks, the entire world seems so fragile and uncertain that travelling has become the biggest adventure.

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Therefore, we will give some 5 tips for a safe travel all anywhere in the world:

  1. Learn about the place you are going to visit – this is the first logical step you should do when choosing the destination for your next journey. No matter the purpose of your journey, it is important to do your research about the new place, about its rules, restrictions, laws and about risks. Discover the safe areas of the city you travel and the less safe areas in order to avoid them. Even though a map may seem very useful, try not to look like a helpless tourist as you may be an easy victim.
  2. Pay the attention to the way you transport your goods – although it seems convenient to keep anything at hand, you should not keep money together with credit cards, passport, Identity Card, tickets and other important document. More than that, do not tale all your money with you, try to put them safe in a closed box and let it in your room. In addition to this, make some copies of your documents.
  3. Socialize and make some new friends – it is important to make new friends among locals and try to integrate as much as possible in the new culture. But pay attention to the people you are talking to. More than that, keep in touch with your friends at home and with your relatives and let them know your travel routes.
  4. Choose a safe accommodation – even if you choose short term accommodation or a hotel room, choose central accommodation that offers you a safe staying; security, video surveillance, supervised parking. If a stranger knocks at your door, don’t open the door until you know who it is.
  5. Opt for a travel insurance – no matter the purpose of your trip, a travel insurance offers you comfort and many benefits: it covers accidents, medical emergencies, surgeries, lost luggage.

What precautions do you take before leaving on a trip?

3 Winter fairs in Bucharest

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Winter is knocking at the door and we are already waiting for winter fairs and Christmas markets in Bucharest. If you are looking for some fun and creative gifts for your loved ones, Christmas decorations, sweats and traditional foods, you should not miss the winter fairs. Here are some recommend fairs for this winter:

  1. Carrefour Colosseum Winter Fair – it takes place between 26th of November and 10th of December 2015 at Carrefour Colosseum, Sos. Chitilei, no. 284, Sector 1. Here you will find a small amusement park and a small skating rink for children and adults. More than that, a lot of creative activities will be organized during the event. If you are going to visit this winter fair, here you will find winter delights, culinary specialties, handmade clothes, accessories, souvenirs, decorations and gifts.
  2. Liberty Center Christmas Fair – it takes place between 26th of November and10th of December at Liberty Center (Str. Progresului, no. 151-171). It is a special winter fair, full of surprises and unique moments. Here you will find traditional homemade delights, clothes, accessories, decorations and lovely gifts for your loved ones.
  3. Excelsior Winter Fair – it take place between 4th and 6th of December and is held at the Vintage Pub in the Old Center of Bucharest. At the event will come more than 35 Romanian artist that are going to present their creations, from handmade clothes and accessories, to winter decorations.

5 Ideas for Fall Travels

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Fall is a wonderful season, full of charm and colors perfect for trips. The temperature is perfect and the landscapes are awesome as the magical nature offers her color show before winter. So it’s time to start a fall expedition. Here are five ideas for a wonderful fall travel:

Calatorii de toamna

  1. Go to the mountains – a small mountain expedition can be the perfect way to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Fall offers the right temperature for mountain expeditions but don’t forget to wear the right equipment.
  2. Opt for a road trip – forget about the classic city break and choose an exciting road trip so you can enjoy the beauty of several places in a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
  3. Capture the beauty of nature – during fall, the nature offers a wonderful landscape, so do not hesitate to capture the unique colors in your travel photos.
  4. Visit the fall fairs – autumn is rich in such events and fall fairs are a wonderful way to celebrate this season. More than that, here you will find seasonal delights and handmade souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones.
  5. Visit an autumn exhibition – this season is the perfect time to visit an art exhibition. So, no matter where you travel, do not hesitate to enjoy this wonderful experience.

How would you like to enjoy your fall trip?

5 Tips for a successful relocation

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Relocation, changing you job, moving to another city can be very excited but in the same time overwhelming. When you start to prepare for the big step, you begin to ask yourself many questions: you think about your new home, about the new city and community, about your new job and is very natural to ask yourself these questions.

Cazare in regim hotelier

Here are some tips that will make your relocation easier:

  1. Meet your new neighbors

If you choose short term accommodation you will be part of a new community and a new culture. During the first day try to meet your new neighbors and integrate into the new community – it will make your relocation easier.

  1. Ask question

If you have questions about the new city, about the community, do not hesitate to ask questions. More than that, ask people about the activities you can do in the new city, about places, such as restaurant, cafes, shopping centers or important institutions. In the same time you can discover what are the activities preferred by your new neighbors.

  1. Take a walk in the neighborhood

A relocation means discovering new places. Start with those near to you and discover your new neighborhood. Take a relaxing walk in order to discover places and people.

  1. Go to shops

Discover the most important shopping centers and supermarkets in your area. It is relaxing and you will get to know the economic trends.

  1. Go out

Give yourself the chance to act like a tourist. Go out, enjoy a coffee or a delicious meal; you’ll make new friends and you will have a wonderful time.

Relocation means not only changing your job, your home or you city, but it also means updating your social life. Good luck!

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