Accommodation conditions

May 9, 2014


Our agency offers short time accommodation in Bucharest, in studio apartments and apartments situated on the main boulevards, only in central areas.

There is only one condition for you to rent our apartments: to provide us valid ID in order for us to issue the invoice and respect the law.

The prices displayed on the website do not include VAT – the VAT is applied in the moment of billing and represents 9% of the value of accommodation.

The price represents the value of the accommodation services for a period of 24 hours with the rules bellow. It is applied for the location and not for the number of persons – the maximum number of persons that can be accommodated being mentioned in the presentation of each apartment.

The location can be rented for a minimum of 24 hours, any special request being treated individually, according to the possibilities. Please take into account the hours for check-in and check-out – 2 p.m. and 12 p.m. Any special request is treated individually, according to the possibilities. For early check-in and late check-out, we are applying the following tariffs: 

Early check-in : Late Check-out:

* between 10 – 12 am: 10 euros

* between 1 – 3 pm: 10 euros

* between 8-10 am: 20 euros * between 3 – 6 pm: 20 euros

For check-in time later than 8 pm, we charge a fee of 10 euro. In this case you will be waited at the apartment by a representative of our agency, only if we receive in due time you contact data, a copy of your ID in order to issue the invoice, approximate time of your arrival.

Payments can be done in cash, by payment order or pro-forma invoice or by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX card. Also, payment can be made without the card, in this case we will need communication and written approval.

Please do make the payment no later than the time of accommodation, preferably throughout the entire period of accommodation – if not, on one day of accommodation at least (24 hours). It the cancellation of the accommodation is desired and you already made the payment, the money is returned in the condition in which the unit price is recalculated according to the staying period, if applicable. Please understand that you must announce your cancellation in time for check-out until 2 p.m. in the day of accommodation, otherwise we have to withhold money for a new day.

Please keep the apartments in good conditions, do not disturb the peace in the buildings. You are responsible for any damage caused.

No pets are allowed in our apartments unless you can leave a deposit for the period of the accommodation. The deposit will be returned at your check-out after receiving the apartment in proper condition.

Parties are forbidden in our locations. The violation of this rule means leaving the location and you will not receive the money back.

Also, filming in our location is forbidden.  The violation of this rule means leaving the location and you will not receive the money back.


We reserve the right that, in case of internal problems, to offer a new apartment than the booked one, at least equal or of a higher quality.