Discover the benefits of short term accommodation when traveling to Bucharest

October 12, 2015

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Bucharest, the Romanian capital, offers to its tourists a wonderful experience and choosing the best accommodation for a trip is the most important step a tourist should take into account when planning a trip to Bucharest. The Romanian capital offers many accommodation options for all tastes and pockets and short term accommodation is gradually becoming one of the most appreciated accommodation methods.Regim hotelier

Discover the benefits of short term accommodation when traveling to Bucharest

You save a lot of money

Even if Bucharest is not one of the most expensive European capitals, every tourist wants to have more money in order to satisfy some travel guilty pleasures and not to spend the money on expensive accommodation. Short term accommodation is an economical alternative to hotel rooms and offers high quality services at a lower price. More than that, when you choose a short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment, you have access to a kitchen which means you can cook for yourself and you can save money as you no longer spend money eating out.

You discover a new culture

By choosing short term accommodation you will have the opportunity to discover a new culture from a closer perspective: you will live among the locals, not among other tourists and you will enjoy authentic experiences.

You will enjoy safety

The apartments and studio apartments in Bucharest are located in safe areas and some of the buildings are accessorized with video cameras. More than that, you will have the certainty that no one will snoop through your things while you’re away.

You feel like home

The greatest advantage of short time accommodation when traveling to Bucharest is the comfort. In a short term apartment or studio apartment you feel at home, you enjoy the space, comfort, functionality aspects you undoubtedly need in your journey.

Choosing a short term apartment or studio apartment is very simple. You only have to choose the right location for your trip’s purpose, choose the number of rooms depending on the number of persons you are traveling with, take into account the interior design and the facilities and book!

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