Hotel room vs. short stay apartment

December 30, 2014


When it comes to choosing the right type of accommodation, the battle is held between hotel rooms and short term apartments. Each version offers a number of advantages and disadvatages.

What are the advantages of a hotel room?

  • An elegant décor
  • Facilities (TV, internet, hairdryer, etc)
  • Hotel amenities
  • Mini-bar
  • Room service / restaurant
  • Reception
  • Parking lot

What are the advantages of short term apartments?

  • Space and comfort
  • Privacy
  • Hotel amenities
  • Facilities (TV, internet, electronics)
  • Self-catering (you have your own kitchen where you can cook)
  • Low prices
  • Flexibility in terms of check-in and check-out program
  • The ability to stay with your family, friends and colleagues, depending on the type of the trip.

The hotel rooms are ideal for short trips, especially for business trips when you have important meetings – you can meet the people in the hotel’s restaurant or cafe. Short stay apartments are the ideal solution for a trip with your family or with your colleagues. They give you more privacy and the opportunity to save money preparing your own food. offers you many opportunities of short time accommodation, in fully equipped and furnished apartment and studio apartments, so that you can enjoy all the comfort you need in your journey.

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