How important is the location when choosing short time accommodation?

March 12, 2015

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Unlike other types of accommodation, short time accommodation offers you the chance to choose a short term apartment or studio apartment in any corner of the city. This is the reason why short time accommodation is the most popular type of accommodation in Bucharest nowadays. Therefore, when you opt for this type of accommodation when travelling, is very important to take into account the location. Choosing the perfect location for your accommodation offers you many benefits:

  • You are very close to your centers of interest

Whether you’re on a business trip, you are relocated in Bucharest or you are on a simple trip, choosing accommodation in a location close to your centers of interest helps you to organize better your time, to schedule your meetings or your city trips. In this way, you won’t lose valuable time. The studio apartments and apartments offered by are placed in strategic locations so that you can easily have access to the most important centers of interest.

  • You have access to social places

If you want to discover people and cultures is necessary to socialize. If this is your purpose, you should choose accommodation in locations that offer you access to cafes and restaurants. In this way, you can schedule you meetings in these places, and you can socialize with the local people.

  • You are close to shops

If you are on a business trip and, between meetings, you have to work from home, it is important to have some stores near you.

  • You can relax

If you want to relax after a busy day, you can choose short time accommodation next to a park where you can take a relaxing walk in the evening. More than that, if you want to enjoy the quiet, you should take into account the location and choose an apartment or studio apartment in a quiet area, away from the city’s hubbub.

  • You have a parking place

Finding a parking spot in Bucharest can be a real challenge. If you travel by your own car, make sure that the location you choose offers you a parking space. offers you studio apartments and apartments with two or three rooms in the most important area in Bucharest, so you can enjoy a pleasant journey.

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