Perfect activities for this autumn in Bucharest

September 9, 2015

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Autumn is here and we are still nostalgic about the long summer days. If you travel to Bucharest this autumn and you want to enjoy a perfect trip here are some autumn activities for tourists like you:

  • Take the tour of communist Bucharest. Enter into the fascinating era that changed the Romanian history. A guide will accompany you and will tell you stories about the most influential era of Romanian history. As a foreign tourist in Romania, or even as a Romanian tourist in you capital, you would certainly like to discover these information.
  • Take o tour of the museums. From the cultural point of view, Bucharest is waiting to reveal to its tourists all its wonders. You can tour the museums with your loved ones if you are in a personal journeys with your family. You will certainly enjoy the precious time spent together. More than that, Bucharest museums often host all kinds of exhibitions that will surely delight you.
  • Take a walk in the park. Nature will always offer you a great and relaxing experience. Each park has an interesting story to tell.
  • Walk through the streets of Bucharest. Start with the Old Town and discover the hidden beauties of the capital in an autumn evening.
  • Start your morning enjoying a delicious coffee in a café in Bucharest. Discover the city in the morning from the windows of a friendly and cozy café.
  • Go to a show. Choose a concert or a play. Until September 22nd you can go the Bucurestii lui Caragiale, and until September 20th you can go to George Enescu festival.
  • Go to a workshop. Whether you are in Bucharest in a personal trip or you are in a business trip, in the Romanian capital are often organized very interesting workshops, covering many areas.
  • Go to a fall fair. Serve traditional dishes and relax enjoying a glass of sweet wine.

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