Short time accommodation – ideal for bleisure travel

February 5, 2015

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Short time accommodation – ideal for bleisure travel

About short time accommodation we have already told you in our previous articles, but this time we are going to show you how does short term accommodation work for bleisure travel. The place where you try to make time for both business meetings and relaxation with your loved ones.

Bleisure travel is the general meaning for a travel when you have to combine your business duties with your spare time. A bleisure travel being a division between work and relaxation. Do you wonder if this is possible? Well, it is! Especially if you choose short time accommodation that offers you many advantages without the restrictions you usually meet when you choose a hotel or hostel room.

There is no doubt the world is changing and the time we have for ourselves is shorter and shorter. Sometimes, our business or job require a lot of sacrifices, and the family is the one that usually suffers the most. That is why people are trying to travel smarter and to combine job related duties with family time. That is the reason why many business men choose to travel with the loved ones, a work or business travel being a perfect moment for them to spend time with their family away from home.

According to the statistics, it seems that in 2014 this type of bleisure travel became more and more popular. People started to harmoniously combine job tasks with family, relaxing activities.

Short term accommodation brought them many advantages, because this type of accommodation meets the requirements for both business and family travels, as you will see:
  • A short stay apartment is the ideal choice for a small family holiday. So if you need to go on a short business trip and you want to spend you free time between your meetings in a relaxing way.  You should transform this type of travel into the perfect family time. A short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment is comfortable and perfect for family time as long as you can cook together your own meal. You can spend time talking or watching a movie.
  • Short time accommodation combines the space you need to work with the relaxation space. You will find the perfect work space, with a comfortable desk and Wi-Fi connection. In the same time you will have a relaxing living room where you can enjoy a coffee or watch a movie.
  • Short stay apartments are located in central areas. In this way you can schedule your meetings next to your new home. After the meetings you can gather your loved ones and you can enjoy shopping or visiting the main points of interest.
  • Short time accommodation apartments and studio apartments are a home away from home. This means that they reduce travel stress, and you will be able to continue your usual activities.

And more than that, short time accommodation is more convenient in terms of price, so you will be able to save some money that you can spend on small pleasures with your family.

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