4 Reasons why short term accommodation helps you have a relaxing trip

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Short term accommodation – yes or not?

Every trip, no matter its purpose, can stress us in a way or another. Whether you plan a holiday with your family or a business trip, we use to stress from different reasons and this can affect our journey in a negative way. From our experience we can tell you the tourists we accommodate during all these years enjoyed a more pleasant and relaxing trip in a short term accommodation apartment and studio apartments. That is why:

Short term accommodation helps you relax

Even if you choose a studio or an apartment, each location is equipped with a small relaxation area where you can spend time with your loved ones, where you can watch your favorite TV show or you can enjoy your coffee in the morning.

You can stay with you family

Choosing a short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment is more convenient in term of staying with your family tha hotels where you have to rent many rooms. An apartment with three rooms is perfect to accommodate six persons which means it is perfect for a family who wants to accommodate in a friendly home away from home.

You have all the facilities you need

Apartments and studio apartments are fully equipped to the highest standards so that those who chose this type of accommodation will feel like home.

You can spend your evenings in location

Evenings spent in a hotel room can be very boring, but in a short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment you feel like home. If you don’t fancy going out, you can spend a wonderful evening cooking a delicious dinner and you can enjoy time with your loved ones, away from home, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

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Perfect activities for this autumn in Bucharest

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Autumn is here and we are still nostalgic about the long summer days. If you travel to Bucharest this autumn and you want to enjoy a perfect trip here are some autumn activities for tourists like you:

  • Take the tour of communist Bucharest. Enter into the fascinating era that changed the Romanian history. A guide will accompany you and will tell you stories about the most influential era of Romanian history. As a foreign tourist in Romania, or even as a Romanian tourist in you capital, you would certainly like to discover these information.
  • Take o tour of the museums. From the cultural point of view, Bucharest is waiting to reveal to its tourists all its wonders. You can tour the museums with your loved ones if you are in a personal journeys with your family. You will certainly enjoy the precious time spent together. More than that, Bucharest museums often host all kinds of exhibitions that will surely delight you.
  • Take a walk in the park. Nature will always offer you a great and relaxing experience. Each park has an interesting story to tell.
  • Walk through the streets of Bucharest. Start with the Old Town and discover the hidden beauties of the capital in an autumn evening.
  • Start your morning enjoying a delicious coffee in a café in Bucharest. Discover the city in the morning from the windows of a friendly and cozy café.
  • Go to a show. Choose a concert or a play. Until September 22nd you can go the Bucurestii lui Caragiale, and until September 20th you can go to George Enescu festival.
  • Go to a workshop. Whether you are in Bucharest in a personal trip or you are in a business trip, in the Romanian capital are often organized very interesting workshops, covering many areas.
  • Go to a fall fair. Serve traditional dishes and relax enjoying a glass of sweet wine.

And if you want you experience to be complete, we invite you to choose the perfect accommodation alternative in a short term studio apartment if you travel alone or an apartment if you travel with your family or with your friends. No matter what you choose, ROcazare.RO offers you short term accommodation in comfortable and modern apartments and studio apartments, at the best prices. We are waiting for you!

How to live like a local in Bucharest?

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Bucharest, the Romanian capital, is in its essence a beautiful city, full of color. Bucharest concentrates some of the most important economic and cultural activities of the whole country. Every year, Bucharest attracts over 1,3 million tourists and almost half of them are foreign tourists.

Bucuresti 1

Bucharest is worldwide known as “The Little Paris”. Even if the signs of the communist era still make their presence, Bucharest offers its tourist a wonderful experience, in an eclectic, unique, atmosphere. The “old” makes a wonderful pair with the new in a friendly, animated atmosphere.

People from Bucharest are social, friendly persons and they speak English! They like to spend quality time with friends, they like to go out and have fun, to eat good and dance, to go to cultural events and to concerts! If you travel to Bucharest and you want to live like a local, here is what you can do!

Where to eat?

You will find a lot of restaurants where you can eat traditional, exotic or oriental dishes. Do not hesitate to taste our authentic culinary delights. If you are on a business trip, you can plan your meetings at a restaurant or you can choose one of the cafes.

Where to have fun?

No matter how you want to spend your free time, there is everything for everyone! Nightlife is quite prolific especially in the Old Town. You can choose a friendly pub, or a glamorous club where you can dance.

How to relax?

Bucharest offers a lot of relaxation options: you can enjoy a walk in the park, a boat ride over the lake, or you can visit Bucharest’s main attractions.

If you fancy a relaxing shopping session, Bucharest’s malls are waiting for you with many offers.

Where to accommodate?

In terms of accommodation, the city offers many alternatives. In the last years, short term accommodation has become one the most effective solution for tourists, for both business trips and short breaks with family. And this type of accommodation gives you the chance to live like a local in Bucharest even for a few days.

Summer 2015 – the most expected Bucharest events

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In a few days we are going to say “Hello!” to the lovely summer and to the best events in town. The summer means a lot of fun, holidays, trips, good music and a lot of festivals.

Evenimente Bucuresti

Here are some of the most waited festivals and concerts of the year in Bucharest:

  • Undoubtedly the most awaited event of the year in Bucharest is Andre Rieu’s Or we should say concerts, taking into account that the greatest violinist is going to held 7 concerts.
  • One Republic is one of the most beloved pop-rock band of the moment. The band will perform on the 4th of June in Bucharest.
  • Femei pe Matasari is the name of the festival held between 5th-7th June in Bucharest. Three days of good music, arts, culture, interesting projects, social involvement, fashion, dance, theater and many other urban shows.
  • Rock music fans have a lot of reasons to be happy this years. One of the greatest rock festivals – Metalhead Meeting, gathers important names of the rock music scene. The festivals is held between 11th – 14th
  • For jazz music lovers, The Jazz Festival (4th-7th June) is a true relaxation oasis.
  • Europe is one of the greatest rock band of all times, and is going to perform on 11th of June in Bucharest. That is why rock music lovers from all over the country will have a good reasons to make a trip to Bucharest.
  • We remain in the same area of guitar chords and we present to you another great event – Slash will perform in Bucharest on the 28th of June. The concert is going to be a great one, taking into account that the artist is going to include the songs of reference for his musical career.
  • The most beloved latino music artist, Julio Iglesias, will perform in Bucharest on the 2nd of July.
  • Midsummer brings a hot concert – Robbie Williams will perform in Bucharest in the 27th of July. The concert is part of the Let Me Entertain You Tournament and is one of the most waited events of the year.
  • The end of summer brings the rhythm of dance in Bucharest, because Goran Bregovic will perform at the Baro Foro Festival.
  • Between 30th August – 20th George Enescu Festival will host 58 concerts and performances, both indoor and outdoor. George Enescu Festival is one of the most important Romanian cultural events.

If you decided already to visit Bucharest check our website to choose your perfect place where to stay

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What festivals and summer events you don’t want to miss this summer?

Choose short time accommodation when relocating in Bucharest

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short time accommodation

Bucharest is the most important Romanian city, with the biggest opportunities in terms of jobs, so it is a frequent situation when people move to the capital when they find a better job. More than that, as Bucharest is the economical center of the country, many big companies operate in Bucharest and in many cases those big companies chose to relocate their people. If you are relocated in Bucharest, you have to find an accommodation option that perfectly suits your needs.

Because when you move into another city, whether you do it with your family or for business purposes, you want to live in a comfortable place, but you wouldn’t like to spend too much money on accommodation, short time accommodation seems to be the best solution.

Why choose short term accommodation when relocating?

  • It’s comfortable – a short time accommodation apartment or studio apartment are always more comfortable than a hotel or hostel room, being considered a home away from home. In this situation, changing your workplace won’t be such a big challenge if you feel comfortable in your new temporary home.
  • You can stay with your family if you take your loved ones with you or if you move with your family in other city and you will enjoy the comfort you want, even if you are away from home.
  • You have plenty of time to search for long term accommodation, or for a new home. If you want to buy a new property, it will take many weeks, or even months for all the paperwork to be completed. Choosing short time accommodation offers you plenty of time for yourself.

So, if you relocate in Bucharest in the near future, ROcazare.RO offers you a wide variety of short term accommodation studio apartments or apartments with two or three rooms, comfortable and modernly equipped in order to meet all your needs.

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