5 Tips for a successful relocation

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Relocation, changing you job, moving to another city can be very excited but in the same time overwhelming. When you start to prepare for the big step, you begin to ask yourself many questions: you think about your new home, about the new city and community, about your new job and is very natural to ask yourself these questions.

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Here are some tips that will make your relocation easier:

  1. Meet your new neighbors

If you choose short term accommodation you will be part of a new community and a new culture. During the first day try to meet your new neighbors and integrate into the new community – it will make your relocation easier.

  1. Ask question

If you have questions about the new city, about the community, do not hesitate to ask questions. More than that, ask people about the activities you can do in the new city, about places, such as restaurant, cafes, shopping centers or important institutions. In the same time you can discover what are the activities preferred by your new neighbors.

  1. Take a walk in the neighborhood

A relocation means discovering new places. Start with those near to you and discover your new neighborhood. Take a relaxing walk in order to discover places and people.

  1. Go to shops

Discover the most important shopping centers and supermarkets in your area. It is relaxing and you will get to know the economic trends.

  1. Go out

Give yourself the chance to act like a tourist. Go out, enjoy a coffee or a delicious meal; you’ll make new friends and you will have a wonderful time.

Relocation means not only changing your job, your home or you city, but it also means updating your social life. Good luck!

4 Reasons why short term accommodation helps you have a relaxing trip

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Short term accommodation – yes or not?

Every trip, no matter its purpose, can stress us in a way or another. Whether you plan a holiday with your family or a business trip, we use to stress from different reasons and this can affect our journey in a negative way. From our experience we can tell you the tourists we accommodate during all these years enjoyed a more pleasant and relaxing trip in a short term accommodation apartment and studio apartments. That is why:

Short term accommodation helps you relax

Even if you choose a studio or an apartment, each location is equipped with a small relaxation area where you can spend time with your loved ones, where you can watch your favorite TV show or you can enjoy your coffee in the morning.

You can stay with you family

Choosing a short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment is more convenient in term of staying with your family tha hotels where you have to rent many rooms. An apartment with three rooms is perfect to accommodate six persons which means it is perfect for a family who wants to accommodate in a friendly home away from home.

You have all the facilities you need

Apartments and studio apartments are fully equipped to the highest standards so that those who chose this type of accommodation will feel like home.

You can spend your evenings in location

Evenings spent in a hotel room can be very boring, but in a short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment you feel like home. If you don’t fancy going out, you can spend a wonderful evening cooking a delicious dinner and you can enjoy time with your loved ones, away from home, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

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How to have a more pleasant trip by choosing short term accommodation

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Short time accommodation offers many benefits and we have already told you about them in our previous articles so in this article we are going to tell you how short term accommodation helps you have a more enjoyable trip.


  • Short time accommodation, unlike classic accommodation in a hotel room, offers you the chance to fell like a local for a few days, no matter what destination you choose. Choosing a short term apartment or studio apartment you will feel like a local, you will avoid the curious eyes of other tourists, you can go shopping, you will be able to cook (maybe an authentic snack) and the most important thing is that you can interact with your new neighbors.
  • You can cook! Cooking what you love is very relaxing and more economical compared to dining out.
  • You enjoy privacy! The curious eyes of the other tourist at the hotel can be very annoying. Well, this is not going to happen if you choose short term accommodation.
  • Your social life will certainly be much better if you choose short time accommodation and not a hotel room. You will be able to interact more often with the locals and you will be more motivated and more relaxed to take a walk in the city and to socialize.
  • Short term accommodation apartments and studio apartments offer more space so whether you are on a journey without company or with your family or a group of friends you will feel more comfortable.

Short time accommodation offers tourists a great experience, comfort, privacy and functionality, all these in a friendly atmosphere in a home away from home.

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Perfect activities for this autumn in Bucharest

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Autumn is here and we are still nostalgic about the long summer days. If you travel to Bucharest this autumn and you want to enjoy a perfect trip here are some autumn activities for tourists like you:

  • Take the tour of communist Bucharest. Enter into the fascinating era that changed the Romanian history. A guide will accompany you and will tell you stories about the most influential era of Romanian history. As a foreign tourist in Romania, or even as a Romanian tourist in you capital, you would certainly like to discover these information.
  • Take o tour of the museums. From the cultural point of view, Bucharest is waiting to reveal to its tourists all its wonders. You can tour the museums with your loved ones if you are in a personal journeys with your family. You will certainly enjoy the precious time spent together. More than that, Bucharest museums often host all kinds of exhibitions that will surely delight you.
  • Take a walk in the park. Nature will always offer you a great and relaxing experience. Each park has an interesting story to tell.
  • Walk through the streets of Bucharest. Start with the Old Town and discover the hidden beauties of the capital in an autumn evening.
  • Start your morning enjoying a delicious coffee in a café in Bucharest. Discover the city in the morning from the windows of a friendly and cozy café.
  • Go to a show. Choose a concert or a play. Until September 22nd you can go the Bucurestii lui Caragiale, and until September 20th you can go to George Enescu festival.
  • Go to a workshop. Whether you are in Bucharest in a personal trip or you are in a business trip, in the Romanian capital are often organized very interesting workshops, covering many areas.
  • Go to a fall fair. Serve traditional dishes and relax enjoying a glass of sweet wine.

And if you want you experience to be complete, we invite you to choose the perfect accommodation alternative in a short term studio apartment if you travel alone or an apartment if you travel with your family or with your friends. No matter what you choose, ROcazare.RO offers you short term accommodation in comfortable and modern apartments and studio apartments, at the best prices. We are waiting for you!

3 Reasons to choose short term accommodation instead of hotel rooms when traveling with family

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Accommodation in Bucharest – 3 reasons why it is a good choice

ROcazare is an accomodation company with an experience of 10 year in this domain. In our portfolio you can find, studios, two rooms apartments and three rooms apartments perfect for short term accomodation.  We encourage our costumers and all the people who are passionate about travel to choose this kind of service. Why?  Because they can take advantage of increased comfort.

All of our apartments and studios are fully furnished and equipped and they have a friendly interior design. Choose for your trip a nice apartment  instead of a boring hotel room. Same price but more space and more confort for a short term accomodation.

Hotel accommodation offers you a lot of benefits: comfort, special services, access to many hotel facilities, free parking for your own car. But when you travel with your family, things change a little and hotel accommodation is not anymore the perfect choice But it can be replaced by short term accommodation as it offers you many benefits for a family trip.


Here are 3 reasons why you should choose short time accommodation instead of a hotel room when traveling with your loved ones:
  1. Costs – a short term accommodation apartment is cheaper than a hotel room, taking into account the extra space you have.
  2. Cooking – cooking your own food while traveling with kids is very important for some parents, taking into account that kids can have a special menu. More than that, having your own kitchen is a cheap alternative for dining in.
  3. Space – a short term apartment offers more space than a hotel room and you and your family can enjoy the intimacy you need.

These things considered, when you start planning a trip with you family, take into account these reasons and you will enjoy a wonderful trip with your loved ones.

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