Short term accommodation – rent apartments to enjoy intimacy in your trip

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rent apartments in Bucharest

Rent apartments in Bucharest to enjoy intimacy in your trip.

Even if you travel in Bucharest for a business trip, alone, with your family or just with your loved one, you want to enjoy the privacy that you think you can only find in your own home. Short term accommodation, in modern and comfortable apartments and studio apartments, is the perfect solution for you to enjoy a relaxing and private staying.

Why short time accommodation is the perfect choice when you want to enjoy some privacy in your trip?

Perhaps when you are preparing to go on trip you are looking for the best accommodation option, the hotel is among the top choices. You think that a hotel room can offer you everything you need in your trip: comfort, space, relaxation, room service, included breakfast and other facilities meant to make your life easier. But you lose some important aspects: lack of privacy (especially if the hotel is busy or hosts important conferences), inopportune visits of the hotel staff and the curious eyes of other tourists. When you return to your temporary home after a long city exploration or after you have completed your business meetings, all you want is to enjoy peace and privacy and you don’t always find in a hotel.

More than that, a hotel room is not as accessorized as a short time accommodation apartment or studio apartment. We don’t take into account just the kitchen offered by choosing the services of rent apartments and where you can prepare and enjoy your favorite meal whenever you want. More than that, you can enjoy a relaxation area.

When it comes to relaxing in the privacy of your temporary home, a hotel room offers two main possibilities: the bed and a chair set near the bar present in every room. A short time accommodation apartment or studio apartment offers you enough space for relaxation in a comfortable area where you can relax watching your favorite movie, reading a book or drinking a tea or coffee while reading the newspaper in the morning.

Short time accommodation offers many advantages and you can read more about them in this article. Even if you are in Bucharest for a business trip, or you are in a small vacation with the whole family, short time accommodation apartments and studio apartments offer you comfort, intimacy and the pleasure to enjoy quality time in a pleasant, elegantly arranged and comfortable environment meant to meet all the specific need of your trip.

Rent apartments in Bucharest – Choose Upground short time accommodation to have a lovely journey

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cazare Bucuresti apartamente regim hotelier

Rent apartments in Bucharest – Choose Upground short time accommodation to have a lovely journey.

Short time accommodation is full of surprises! This type of accommodation not only offers you the comfort you only enjoy in your own home, but also allows you to choose a luxurious and modern location with all the facilities you need, in order to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing journey. offers you many accommodation options in studio apartments or in apartments with two or three rooms, only in Bucharest’s central or residential areas.

Why choose Upground apartments

Who does not want to enjoy the comfort of its own home, some space and some privacy in his or her journey, all at a reasonable price? offers for short time accommodation apartments in one of the most important areas in Bucharest – Upground Residential Complex – located in the northern area, one of the most exclusive areas of the city.

Choose an Upground apartment in order to enjoy comfort, relaxation, privacy and a new and unique lifestyle that no other type of accommodation offers to you, all of these in the safest environment.

Bucharest’s norhern area is one of the most important, economically speaking, this being the main reason why Upground Residential Complex was built in this area. The compelx is very close to Pipera, one of the most important capital’s business areas where the biggest companies have their headquarters. More than that, Upground Residential Complex is close to the historical center of the capital, which means you are very close to you business and entertainment centers of interest. The Residential Complex is very close to Henri Coanda and Baneasa Airports.

Upground short time accommodation apartments offers you the chance to try many leisure activities. You are close to the most important and elegant restaurants, cafes and clubs in Bucharest, so you can easily schedule your meetings.

The landscape offered by the two lakes – Tei and Floreasca, is spectacular. You can enjoy the nature or you can stay fit during your trip by choosing the most important fitness center in the capital’s northern area.

Why choosing an Upground apartment? offers you the posibility to enjoy a wonderful experience in one of the Upground apartments. The modern apartments are completely furnished and equipped at the highest standards in order to give you the comfort and the functionality you seek for.

Upground short time accommodation apartments offer you your own kitchen where you can cook your favourite breakfast. The apartments are equipped with air conditionaing, fridge and washing machine, coffee maker and kettle, electric stove, TV, wireless internet, 24/24 security and parking space.

All these benefits come with a reasonable price, with space for you, comfort and relaxation in order to enjoy a pleasant journey.

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Choose short time accommodation when relocating in Bucharest

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short time accommodation

Bucharest is the most important Romanian city, with the biggest opportunities in terms of jobs, so it is a frequent situation when people move to the capital when they find a better job. More than that, as Bucharest is the economical center of the country, many big companies operate in Bucharest and in many cases those big companies chose to relocate their people. If you are relocated in Bucharest, you have to find an accommodation option that perfectly suits your needs.

Because when you move into another city, whether you do it with your family or for business purposes, you want to live in a comfortable place, but you wouldn’t like to spend too much money on accommodation, short time accommodation seems to be the best solution.

Why choose short term accommodation when relocating?

  • It’s comfortable – a short time accommodation apartment or studio apartment are always more comfortable than a hotel or hostel room, being considered a home away from home. In this situation, changing your workplace won’t be such a big challenge if you feel comfortable in your new temporary home.
  • You can stay with your family if you take your loved ones with you or if you move with your family in other city and you will enjoy the comfort you want, even if you are away from home.
  • You have plenty of time to search for long term accommodation, or for a new home. If you want to buy a new property, it will take many weeks, or even months for all the paperwork to be completed. Choosing short time accommodation offers you plenty of time for yourself.

So, if you relocate in Bucharest in the near future, ROcazare.RO offers you a wide variety of short term accommodation studio apartments or apartments with two or three rooms, comfortable and modernly equipped in order to meet all your needs.

Short time accommodation – ideal for bleisure travel

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business travel - bleisure

Short time accommodation – ideal for bleisure travel

About short time accommodation we have already told you in our previous articles, but this time we are going to show you how does short term accommodation work for bleisure travel. The place where you try to make time for both business meetings and relaxation with your loved ones.

Bleisure travel is the general meaning for a travel when you have to combine your business duties with your spare time. A bleisure travel being a division between work and relaxation. Do you wonder if this is possible? Well, it is! Especially if you choose short time accommodation that offers you many advantages without the restrictions you usually meet when you choose a hotel or hostel room.

There is no doubt the world is changing and the time we have for ourselves is shorter and shorter. Sometimes, our business or job require a lot of sacrifices, and the family is the one that usually suffers the most. That is why people are trying to travel smarter and to combine job related duties with family time. That is the reason why many business men choose to travel with the loved ones, a work or business travel being a perfect moment for them to spend time with their family away from home.

According to the statistics, it seems that in 2014 this type of bleisure travel became more and more popular. People started to harmoniously combine job tasks with family, relaxing activities.

Short term accommodation brought them many advantages, because this type of accommodation meets the requirements for both business and family travels, as you will see:
  • A short stay apartment is the ideal choice for a small family holiday. So if you need to go on a short business trip and you want to spend you free time between your meetings in a relaxing way.  You should transform this type of travel into the perfect family time. A short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment is comfortable and perfect for family time as long as you can cook together your own meal. You can spend time talking or watching a movie.
  • Short time accommodation combines the space you need to work with the relaxation space. You will find the perfect work space, with a comfortable desk and Wi-Fi connection. In the same time you will have a relaxing living room where you can enjoy a coffee or watch a movie.
  • Short stay apartments are located in central areas. In this way you can schedule your meetings next to your new home. After the meetings you can gather your loved ones and you can enjoy shopping or visiting the main points of interest.
  • Short time accommodation apartments and studio apartments are a home away from home. This means that they reduce travel stress, and you will be able to continue your usual activities.

And more than that, short time accommodation is more convenient in terms of price, so you will be able to save some money that you can spend on small pleasures with your family.

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Good tips for a cheap travel

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cheap travel -rocazare

Cheap travel – here are some tips for a nice and cheap vacay

No matter what is the purpose of your travel, you can turn it into a pleasant experience even with little money, because there are lots of ways you can save money even when you travel in another city or in a foreign country.

Here in Bucharest we offer the best price for short time accommodation in  apartments and studios.

Here are some good tips that will help you enjoy an unforgettable experience.
  1. Choose the most convenient means of transport for your journey. In this article you can find a few tips you should apply taking into the account the chosen mean of transport. If you travel by plane, you will definitely find many affordable tickets for your routes.
  2. It is better for you to pack a light luggage. A big luggage means higher transportation prices, especially if you travel by plane. In this article you will find a list with things you should not pack for your travel.
  3. Do you really need all those useless gadgets and travel accessories such as travel pillow, cosmetics bags, travel iron machines or portable speakers for your phone or laptopn? Maybe the temptation is big, but the price you will pay for your luggage will be bigger, so try to resist to the minimum and you will have a cheaper travel.
  4. Avoid buying too many things from the duty free.
  5. Read about the place you are going to visit and its people. Try to discover the local traditions and try to find the prices so that you can set you budget.
  6. Choose short term accommodation. Apartments and studio apartments are cheaper and offer you a modern kitchen where you can cook for yourself so that you won’t have to eat at the restaurants anymore.
  7. Visit local markets and you will find cute place where you can shop for your little journey.
  8. Find an option for international calls if you travel abroad so that you can call your loved ones without paying too much.
  9. The same is available for Internet. The most effective option is Wi-Fi connection.
  10. Make a list of places you would like to visit so that you can set your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? You can have a wonderful journey and you can save money. With the saved money you can go into another journey, or you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

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