4 Reasons why short term accommodation helps you have a relaxing trip

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Short term accommodation – yes or not?

Every trip, no matter its purpose, can stress us in a way or another. Whether you plan a holiday with your family or a business trip, we use to stress from different reasons and this can affect our journey in a negative way. From our experience we can tell you the tourists we accommodate during all these years enjoyed a more pleasant and relaxing trip in a short term accommodation apartment and studio apartments. That is why:

Short term accommodation helps you relax

Even if you choose a studio or an apartment, each location is equipped with a small relaxation area where you can spend time with your loved ones, where you can watch your favorite TV show or you can enjoy your coffee in the morning.

You can stay with you family

Choosing a short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment is more convenient in term of staying with your family tha hotels where you have to rent many rooms. An apartment with three rooms is perfect to accommodate six persons which means it is perfect for a family who wants to accommodate in a friendly home away from home.

You have all the facilities you need

Apartments and studio apartments are fully equipped to the highest standards so that those who chose this type of accommodation will feel like home.

You can spend your evenings in location

Evenings spent in a hotel room can be very boring, but in a short term accommodation apartment or studio apartment you feel like home. If you don’t fancy going out, you can spend a wonderful evening cooking a delicious dinner and you can enjoy time with your loved ones, away from home, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

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How to choose the perfect short term accommodation apartment

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When you travel, with your family, friends or for business purposes, you want the perfect type of accommodation, where you can relax after a long journey, or where you can work if you are on business trip. Short term accommodation has become popular in the last years, but people continue to question this kind of accommodation. More than that, with so many options available on the market, they are still wondering how they could chioose the best short time accommodation in order to fulfill their needs.


Here are some steps you must follow in order to choose the perfect short term accommodation for you:

  • Keep in mind the purpose of your trip

    – it is important to take this aspect into account because every trip is different. If you are on a business trip, you need a quiet are where you can work, but if you travel with your family or friends you need more space and maybe a kitchen where you can sometimes cook a snack.

  • Take into account the period of accommodation – the period of accommodation influences the cost of accommodation per night, the price being lower as the accommodation period is longer.
  • Keep your budget in mind

    – when you want to choose a short term accommodation. Keep in mind your budget.

  • Read reviews

    – when you want to choose a short term accommodation apartment, keep in mind the experience of other people.

  • Consider the images

    – images are very important when you are about to make the right decision about your next accommodation.

  • Consider the facilities

    – when you are about to rent an apartment, take into account the facilities offered by the apartment. For example, if you rent an apartment during the hot days of summer, make sure it is equipped with air conditioning, and if you travel during winter, make sure that the apartment is heated. More than that, the facilities in the area are also important, especially if you are on a business trip and you need to schedule your meetings closer to the apartment.

  • Consider the location

    – when you choose a short period accommodation, the location is very important. Find out information about the importance of location when choosing short time accommodation from this article.

  • Ask for details

    contact the company and ask for details that are important to you.


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