5 Unexpected situations that can ruin your journey and how to solve them

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You are ready for your journey: you have already packed, you have the documents and the money and you have already decided the type of accommodation you want. However, everything that’s meant to be a perfect trip can ruin in only one second if you encounter one of the situations described below.

You lose your document (ID card, passport):

Surely this is the worst nightmare of a tourist that had already reached his destination. The loss of documents is not only one of the most unpleasant situations that can occur to you in your trip, but is also very common. It is absolutely normal to panic when you realize that you have lost your documents, but try to stay calm and take the right measures. What to do in this situation:

  • Try to remember where you have last used your document.
  • Contact the Embassy or the Romanian Consulate. Their representatives will tell you what to do to release new acts.
You lose your luggage

Luggage loss at the airport, hotel or elsewhere is not a rare situation, on the contrary. But, in the most cases, those who lose their luggage, will find it sooner or later. If you lose your luggage address to the Lost and Found Department, report the loss and ask for help. You can address to this department if your luggage is damaged or things are missing.

In order to avoid such situations, try to pack lightly only a hand bag, and opt for the cargo luggage only if necessary.

You lose your money

Your journey can be ruined if you lose your money or someone steals your money. In order to avoid this situation try not to take all your money with you, keep a small amount of money in a safe place and use as long as you credit cards.

You lose the plane

Whether you don’t wake up on time, you leave home late and you have to face a hellish traffic or you don’t have the right documents, losing the flight can be a big problem, especially if it is you fault. What to do:

  • Go to the ticketing department and ask for help.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, try to organize your time in order to catch the flight on time.

The chosen type of accommodation doesn’t meet your expectations

Many tourists say that they have high expectations from the chosen type of accommodation, until they reach their destination and they are very disappointed. Short time accommodation has become one of the most important type of accommodation, as long as it offers you the space, the comfort and the intimacy you only find in your own home.

Now tell us, what are the most unpleasant situations that you have encountered in you journeys? We are very curious to find out about your experiences!

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What to cook when you travel and you choose short time accommodation

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bucatarie apartament regim hotelier

Short term accommodation offers one great benefit that no other form of accommodation offers to you: a modern, friendly and fully equipped kitchen so that you can feel like home even though you are away from home.

The kitchen is there not only for preparing a delicious coffee in the morning, but also for cooking! Yes, you can cook a delicious and healthy meal while you are in another city or another country. In this way, you are not going to waste time and money on expensive meals at restaurants.

In this article we are going to offer you some tips and new ideas for healthy recipes you can prepare by yourself when choosing short time accommodation and you enjoy the benefits of a sensational and fully functional kitchen.

short time accommodation - tips

First of all, here are some tips:
  • Discover the culinary traditions of the place you travel to. Find out what the locals eat, and discover the main local ingredients.
  • Keep in mind the price of foods and male a list of the main markets and supermaarkets.
  • Find recipes that you can adapt to your own taste and try to create a menu so you do not lose to much time preparing elaborate meals. Opt for simple and quick dishes.
  • Keep in mind the available facilities and tools.
  • Once you have reached your destination, give yourself some time for shopping.
  • Fruits and vegetables are mandatory!
What to cook when you travel

You budget will say „Thank you!” if you choose to cook whne you travel, instead of eating out. More than that, you will escape the temptation of eating junk-food and you will stay fit in your trip.

Here are some delicious ideas you can practice in your next trip, of course if you choose short term accommodation and you have access to a fully equipped kitchen only for you.

For breakfast…

you can opt for fresh fruits, yogurt, milk, whole grains, dried or frozen fruits, almonds, nuts, peanuts. You can prepare the delicious granola which will give you the energy you need to start your day or you can make a tasty smoothie you can take with you if you are on the run.

For lunch/dinner

A tasty salad is always a delicious meal, healthy and light, that gives you the energy you need.

Chicken or fish with vegetables is another easy recipe everybody loves. Is easy to prepare and is very healthy.

Frittata is a delicious combination of eggs, veggies, herbs and cheese. Is perfect for lunch or dinner!


Fruits, nut mixes and cereal bars are the perfect snack where you are on a trip.

Do you usually cook when you travel and choose short time accommodation? If so, what do you preffer?

4 Ways to keep fit while traveling

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One of the most important things we forget about when traveling is to keep fit. The exhausting flight and the long walks make you forget about your health and about staying fit when traveling, and this might harm your small trip.

4 ways to keep fit while traveling

No matter the purpose of your travel, you are supposed to feel great, to have fun and a lot of energy in order to accomplish your entire travel plan. Because is very important to keep fit, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Eat healthy

    In most cases, while traveling, you forget to eat healthy. Fast food restaurants are a great temptation, and the short time you have makes you grab a snack and eat it while walking to your next destination. Replace unhealthy snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables. If you choose short time accommodation you can enjoy your own kitchen and prepare you own healthy food.

  2. Exercise

    No matter the purpose of your travel, try to exercise as much as you can. Take a long walk and enjoy the beauty of the new place or rent a bicycle.

  3. Go jogging

    When packing for your trip do not forget your gym outfit. Go jogging or go to the gym in order to keep in shape while travelling.

  4. Have fun

    Enjoy every moment you spend in your trip. Make new friends, go to local parties and smile as much as you can. In this way you will reduce the stress and the tension and you will keep fit.

What other ways to keep fit do you practice while traveling? 

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Short term accommodation – rent apartments to enjoy intimacy in your trip

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rent apartments in Bucharest

Rent apartments in Bucharest to enjoy intimacy in your trip.

Even if you travel in Bucharest for a business trip, alone, with your family or just with your loved one, you want to enjoy the privacy that you think you can only find in your own home. Short term accommodation, in modern and comfortable apartments and studio apartments, is the perfect solution for you to enjoy a relaxing and private staying.

Why short time accommodation is the perfect choice when you want to enjoy some privacy in your trip?

Perhaps when you are preparing to go on trip you are looking for the best accommodation option, the hotel is among the top choices. You think that a hotel room can offer you everything you need in your trip: comfort, space, relaxation, room service, included breakfast and other facilities meant to make your life easier. But you lose some important aspects: lack of privacy (especially if the hotel is busy or hosts important conferences), inopportune visits of the hotel staff and the curious eyes of other tourists. When you return to your temporary home after a long city exploration or after you have completed your business meetings, all you want is to enjoy peace and privacy and you don’t always find in a hotel.

More than that, a hotel room is not as accessorized as a short time accommodation apartment or studio apartment. We don’t take into account just the kitchen offered by choosing the services of rent apartments and where you can prepare and enjoy your favorite meal whenever you want. More than that, you can enjoy a relaxation area.

When it comes to relaxing in the privacy of your temporary home, a hotel room offers two main possibilities: the bed and a chair set near the bar present in every room. A short time accommodation apartment or studio apartment offers you enough space for relaxation in a comfortable area where you can relax watching your favorite movie, reading a book or drinking a tea or coffee while reading the newspaper in the morning.

Short time accommodation offers many advantages and you can read more about them in this article. Even if you are in Bucharest for a business trip, or you are in a small vacation with the whole family, short time accommodation apartments and studio apartments offer you comfort, intimacy and the pleasure to enjoy quality time in a pleasant, elegantly arranged and comfortable environment meant to meet all the specific need of your trip.

Rent apartments in Bucharest when traveling with family


rent apartments in Bucharest

Rent apartments in Bucharest when traveling with family

When traveling with family you want more than ever to enjoy a relaxing, wonderful staying, in a spacious apartment or studio apartment that offers you the comfort and the relaxation you only find in your own home. Maybe you wonder why short time accommodation is so suitable for your family trips? SPACE is the answer! Short time accommodation in studio apartments and apartments is the most comfortable type of accommodation, being spacious, intimate and relaxing. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose short time accommodation when traveling with your family:

  1. You have space to spend time together!

    Short time apartments and studio apartments offered by have a common space dedicated to those who want to spend time together enjoying a delicious coffee or watching a TV show.

  2. There is an entire kitchen only for you and for your loved ones!

    Nothing compares with a family dinner in the privacy of your home or, in this case, in the privacy of your short term stay home. You will not sense the difference! The kitchens are modernly equipped and accessorized so you can cook whatever you want, whenever you want. In this way you will save a great amount of money, taking into account that a restaurant meal for the entire family can be very expensive.

  3. Lower prices!

    Choosing short time accommodation you will save a great amount of money as you will pay for apartment/studio apartment, not for person.

  4. You don’t have a fixed schedule!

    Unlike hotel or hostel accommodation, which imposes strict rules regarding, for example, serving the breakfast, when choosing short time accommodation you can make your own program as you like.

Share with us your short time accommodation experiences and don not hesitate to contact us for any question! 

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