5 Ideas for Fall Travels

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Fall is a wonderful season, full of charm and colors perfect for trips. The temperature is perfect and the landscapes are awesome as the magical nature offers her color show before winter. So it’s time to start a fall expedition. Here are five ideas for a wonderful fall travel:

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  1. Go to the mountains – a small mountain expedition can be the perfect way to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Fall offers the right temperature for mountain expeditions but don’t forget to wear the right equipment.
  2. Opt for a road trip – forget about the classic city break and choose an exciting road trip so you can enjoy the beauty of several places in a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
  3. Capture the beauty of nature – during fall, the nature offers a wonderful landscape, so do not hesitate to capture the unique colors in your travel photos.
  4. Visit the fall fairs – autumn is rich in such events and fall fairs are a wonderful way to celebrate this season. More than that, here you will find seasonal delights and handmade souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones.
  5. Visit an autumn exhibition – this season is the perfect time to visit an art exhibition. So, no matter where you travel, do not hesitate to enjoy this wonderful experience.

How would you like to enjoy your fall trip?

3 Reasons to choose short term accommodation instead of hotel rooms when traveling with family

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Accommodation in Bucharest – 3 reasons why it is a good choice

ROcazare is an accomodation company with an experience of 10 year in this domain. In our portfolio you can find, studios, two rooms apartments and three rooms apartments perfect for short term accomodation.  We encourage our costumers and all the people who are passionate about travel to choose this kind of service. Why?  Because they can take advantage of increased comfort.

All of our apartments and studios are fully furnished and equipped and they have a friendly interior design. Choose for your trip a nice apartment  instead of a boring hotel room. Same price but more space and more confort for a short term accomodation.

Hotel accommodation offers you a lot of benefits: comfort, special services, access to many hotel facilities, free parking for your own car. But when you travel with your family, things change a little and hotel accommodation is not anymore the perfect choice But it can be replaced by short term accommodation as it offers you many benefits for a family trip.


Here are 3 reasons why you should choose short time accommodation instead of a hotel room when traveling with your loved ones:
  1. Costs – a short term accommodation apartment is cheaper than a hotel room, taking into account the extra space you have.
  2. Cooking – cooking your own food while traveling with kids is very important for some parents, taking into account that kids can have a special menu. More than that, having your own kitchen is a cheap alternative for dining in.
  3. Space – a short term apartment offers more space than a hotel room and you and your family can enjoy the intimacy you need.

These things considered, when you start planning a trip with you family, take into account these reasons and you will enjoy a wonderful trip with your loved ones.

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7 Things to consider when choosing accommodation

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When you start planning your summer holiday or a business trip you would like to find the perfect stay. Here are some important things you should take into account when choosing accommodation for your trip:

  1. Location – whatever the purpose of your trip, location is one of the most important aspects you should always keep in mind. When you travel to the seaside you want to stay closer to the beach, but when you plan an important business trip, is important to stay closer to the main centers of interest.
  2. Parking space – if you travel by car, this aspect is definitely very important to you as you want you car to be safe during your trip.
  3. Extra fees – when choosing accommodation, pay attention to the extra fees. Extra fees are usually for the following services: breakfast, transportation, Internet connection, early check-in/late check-out.
  4. Number of stars – stars are used to rate hotels and short term accommodation apartments and studio apartments. Keep this in mind when choosing your accommodation in order to fulfill all your needs.
  5. Facilities – depending on the purpose of your trip but also on your budget, take into account the facilities each type of accommodation offers in order to enjoy the comfort you need.
  6. Can you stay with your family – when you travel with your family you definitely need more space and choosing many rooms is not very OK for your budget. Short time stay is the perfect solution if you travel with your loved ones.
  7. Reviews – when choosing accommodation take into account the experiences of other persons.

Now we would like to know which are the factors you usually take into account when choosing accommodation for your journeys!

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8 Reasons to visit Bucharest

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vizita Bucuresti

Although Eastern Europe is negatively perceived by foreigners and they consider it is a high-risk area, when they hear about Romania and Bucharest, the feeling of fear and insecurity intensifies. But the reality is completely different because Bucharest is one of the safest cities of the entire world. With a wonderful history, friendly people and a pleasant landscape, Bucharest compels its visitors. Here are only 8 reasons why you should visit Bucharest.

  1. Is a safe city! Unlike other large European cities, Bucharest is one of the safest. It is true that there are certain areas where the crime rate is bigger, but you don’t have to take into account these areas because there are no points of interest for you.
  2. Bucharest is called The Little Paris and it has a delightful story that you deserve to know. Even though you are from Romania or from another part of the world, a small town tour is going to reveal many mysteries to you. From the ancient times up to the World Wars period, the story of Dracula and the post-communist period are only an important step into the fascinating Romanian history.
  3. It is a cheap city! Here you can find cheap accommodation, compared to the big European capitals, cheap ways to have fun and to discover Romania’s cultural face by visiting the museums.
  4. Bucharest is a city of beauty and elegance! The eclectic architecture, the way the modern blends with the traditional and the natural beauty provided by the gardens transform the entire city into a temple of astonishing beauty.
  5. The food is delicious! Romanian dishes are known around the world for their taste. But, even though you are from Romania and you want to try new foods, here you can find a lot of restaurants inspired by the culinary culture of other countries.
  6. Bucharest people know how to party! If you want to have fun in the Romanian way, you have to visit the Old Town where the main pubs, clubs and restaurants are waiting for you.
  7. Bucharest offers an exceptional cultural scene! If you are a culture lover, then you should visit Bucharest for its excellent museums, but also for its numerous theaters, opera and ballet shows, concerts, exhibitions and cultural festivals.
  8. Accommodation is cheap! When it comes to choosing a suitable accommodation modality in Bucharest, you have several alternatives. Here you can find everything you need to know about finding the perfect accommodation.

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