What to cook when you travel and you choose short time accommodation

June 4, 2015

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Short term accommodation offers one great benefit that no other form of accommodation offers to you: a modern, friendly and fully equipped kitchen so that you can feel like home even though you are away from home.

The kitchen is there not only for preparing a delicious coffee in the morning, but also for cooking! Yes, you can cook a delicious and healthy meal while you are in another city or another country. In this way, you are not going to waste time and money on expensive meals at restaurants.

In this article we are going to offer you some tips and new ideas for healthy recipes you can prepare by yourself when choosing short time accommodation and you enjoy the benefits of a sensational and fully functional kitchen.

short time accommodation - tips

First of all, here are some tips:
  • Discover the culinary traditions of the place you travel to. Find out what the locals eat, and discover the main local ingredients.
  • Keep in mind the price of foods and male a list of the main markets and supermaarkets.
  • Find recipes that you can adapt to your own taste and try to create a menu so you do not lose to much time preparing elaborate meals. Opt for simple and quick dishes.
  • Keep in mind the available facilities and tools.
  • Once you have reached your destination, give yourself some time for shopping.
  • Fruits and vegetables are mandatory!
What to cook when you travel

You budget will say „Thank you!” if you choose to cook whne you travel, instead of eating out. More than that, you will escape the temptation of eating junk-food and you will stay fit in your trip.

Here are some delicious ideas you can practice in your next trip, of course if you choose short term accommodation and you have access to a fully equipped kitchen only for you.

For breakfast…

you can opt for fresh fruits, yogurt, milk, whole grains, dried or frozen fruits, almonds, nuts, peanuts. You can prepare the delicious granola which will give you the energy you need to start your day or you can make a tasty smoothie you can take with you if you are on the run.

For lunch/dinner

A tasty salad is always a delicious meal, healthy and light, that gives you the energy you need.

Chicken or fish with vegetables is another easy recipe everybody loves. Is easy to prepare and is very healthy.

Frittata is a delicious combination of eggs, veggies, herbs and cheese. Is perfect for lunch or dinner!


Fruits, nut mixes and cereal bars are the perfect snack where you are on a trip.

Do you usually cook when you travel and choose short time accommodation? If so, what do you preffer?

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