Why choose the quality of ROcazare.RO services?

Classification according to the hotelier standards

The apartments and studio apartments we offer you for short and medium term accommodation respect all the standards required by the Romanian legislation. Thus, according to the Government Resolution no. 1267 from 2010, our locations are checked by the officials of the National Tourism Authority and have all the certificates that prove an accommodation standard of at least 3 stars.

Classification according to the hotelier standards

Short time accommodation in Bucharest – HOW TO

The procedure for short time accommodation is not a complicated one but it can become when we want to meet all the special requirements of our clients. Therefore, we have illustrated the steps and the rules of accommodation in an easy to follow form, as you can see in the video below. We are available at phone for any other details you need.

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ROcazare.RO is a registered trademark

ROcazare.RO is a registered trademarkWe provide temporary accommodation services for 10 years now, and we have developed and evolved alongside the Romanian accommodation market. All this time we learned to understand our customers, to be flexible, to diversify, to be demanding with ourselves, to increase the quality of our offers.

Because our desire is to be seen and respected as professionals, we learned that we must offer respect: we respect the laws, we believe in honest business, we support our community and our competitors and last but not least, we respect each and every client and his special needs.

And because we did not want to offer you empty words, we transformed ROcazare.RO into a trademark so that we can offer you The comfort that you can afford!